432 Cue 24v/200v Capacitive Discharge System
*24v/200v Capacitive Discharge
*Addressable 36 cue ABS Tray Field Modules
*24v Battery Charger
*Voltage meter
*LED continuity Test
*External Battery post
*BNC panel mount  goose neck light
*Uses Standard 50pin Centronics Cables
with male to male connectors
*Power on Key Switch
*Armed Key Switch with flashing LED
and 2 second buzzer
*Durable waterproof yellow case
*0 wait time capacitor charging to next cue.
Optional 14"x14"x42" Transport Case
System includes
*432 cue capacitive discharge system*
*24v charger* *Goose neck light*
*12- 36 cue addressable ABS tray field modules*
*1-100' cable, 11-25' male to male cables*
$5,995.00 complete plus freight
432 cue
Capacitive Discharge System

The principle behind the 24v/200v capacitive
discharge system it to allow the shooter to be
very flexible with the display.

Having the capability to address the field
modules to any combination and having the
capability of igniting over 20 ematch's
in parallel.

Since the cables are ran from module to
module using the least number of  cables in the
field, it reduces the resistance that kills power.

The capacitive discharge system is designed
with a 24v backup if anything should happen to
the high voltage system.

Capacitors are designed to drain within 5 sec of
turning the system off.
36 cue Field Modules
ABS Tray style design for the shooter in
13 1/2"x 13 1/2x 2 3/4"
*36 cues
*Fully addressable with
Hance Pyrotechnics 432 cue system.
*Thin design to take up 1/3 the space of
traditional field modules and can be
attached directly to racks.
*Hinged lid to protect from rain and

*Optional Field Modules and accessories sold separately*

*432 Cue Capacitive Discharge control Module $2,795.00 each*
*24v battery Charger $69.95*
*36 cue addressable black ABS tray modules
$299.00 each*
*12 additional 36 cue addressable black ABS tray modules $3,399.00 /12*
ATA Transport Case- Carpet inside, ABS black outside, hardware
45 cue PM ABS 50 pin tray modules $349.00 each
*100' male to male 50 pin  $149.95 each*
*25' male to male 50 pin
$79.95 each*

or call 918-456-3971 or 918-458-1758
Contact information  call 918-456-3971 or 918-458-1758
NFPA 1123
All Prices
listed are
less Freight
System includes
432 cue capacitive discharge
24v charger
12- 36 cue addressable ABS tray
field modules
Goose neck light
1-100' cable, 11-25' male to male
NFPA 1123
Capable of shooting Multiple fronts with 200v of Capacitive
Discharge, the closest thing to computer fire for show design.
Hance Pyrotechnics Products are hand-assembled using the highest quality components.
Because of this high quality and craftsmanship, all Hance Pyrotechnics Systems are backed by a limited One-Year Warranty on all parts and labor.
*All returns must be within 5 days of purchase and in like new condition and never used in a pyrotechnics show.
*Warranty excludes any damage caused by excessive rough handling, accident or misuse of product, or when used in conjunction with any components other than
Hance Pyrotechnics products.
The purpose of this equipment is to cause initiation of industry standard Pyrotechnic electric matches to ignite display type fireworks or pyrotechnic special effects.
Fireworks and special effects materials are explosives and may cause personal injuries or death to yourself or others, including spectators.
SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and is beyond the control of Hance Pyrotechnics.
The buyer / user assumes all responsibility and liability in the use of this equipment and further agrees, by purchase and / or use of this equipment, to indemnify
and hold harmless Hance Pyrotechnics and its agents against all liability for injury, loss, or damage direct or consequential arising out of the use of, or inability to
use this equipment.
Any subsequent purchaser is also bound by these conditions of sale.