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Oklahoma Fire marshal Office
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With my conversation with agent Richard Waltz
who is the fire marshals fireworks specialist.

-Fire extinguishers in every fireworks stand or tent,
2A/1BC rating-

-Signs stating

-Fireworks stand or tents can not be within
100' from the center line of all state numbered highway,
federal numbered highways or railroad ,
examples are Highway 66, highway 82, interstate 40.

This law does not include the following
any frontage, non numbered streets, city streets,
county roads, named streets or any street highway or city
street that does not have a state highway number.
Examples  are maple street, non numbered bypass,
1st street,  S. 250 road.

Exceptions to the 100' laws are

Fireworks stand that do not carry more that 50 pounds
of "1.4 explosives-gunpowder",
this is the weight of the powder inside
the merchandise not the total weight of the merchandise.
Such as the difference in the composition of gunpowder and
metals effects, cardboard, plastic, wood, plaster plugs, etc.
An over weight example is a large item new and the difference
after it has been shot, less metals and paper composition of
the load itself.

This can be accomplished by not stocking the back stock
in fireworks stands within 100' of the centerline of highways.

Tents will need to have a fire proof certificate either paper
form or stitched on the tent as proof of fire resistance.